ISO 9001:2008 ISOQAR Numer Certyfikatu 4259

Verification of the welding shop 01 202 PL/A-14 0887 EN ISO 3834-2


Certificate of constancy: Company's Production Control: 0035-CPR-1090-1.00724.TÜVRh.2014.001

Welding certificate TÜVRh-EN1090-2.00665.2014.001 according to norm EN 1090-1, table B.1 for welding steel constructions elements  acc. to EN 1090-2

Certificate for Company's Production Control 0035-CPR-1090-1.00725.TÜVRh.2014.001 Carrier elements and their aluminium sets up to EXC3 acc. EN 1090-3

Welding certificate TÜVRh-EN1090-3.00030.2014.001 acc. to EN 1090-1, table B.1 for welding aluminium construction elements acc. to EN 1090-3